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Auditions September 2024

The Avalonian Free State Choir is an A Capella choir focusing on folk music from Britain and around the world, singing music from all 5 continents. We are seeking soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone and bass singers. We are holding auditions in mid September at St Mary’s Hall on Magdalene St in Glastonbury.

The choir is currently about 26 strong, and we meet at St Mary's Hall to rehearse weekly on Thursday afternoons from 1.15-3.15 pm.  New choir members have a large repertoire to learn so regular attendance and dedication is required. We learn our songs off paper so there is a need to commit material to memory over time.  Other members of your vocal section will be willing to support you with learning. The Choir performs regularly from May to December and choir members are requested to commit to concerts wherever possible.

If you would like to audition, please contact us BEFORE THE END OF AUGUST. You will be sent the written music and a recording of one of our songs, which you will be asked to sing in harmony with three other choir members.  We also ask you to bring a song of your own choice to sing to the audition panel.

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